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Primary Care

Primary Care Clinic Questions and Answers

Mesquite Medical Clinic provides a wide range of services, from routine health examinations to managing chronic conditions. For more information call us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 5115 N Galloway Ave #203 Mesquite TX 75150.

Primary Care Near Me in Mesquite, TX
Primary Care Near Me in Mesquite, TX

Table of Contents:

What is defined as primary care?
What Primary care services does Mesquite Medical Clinic provide? 
When should I see a primary care physician?
What benefits do primary care physicians provide?

Primary care acts as the first-line of care for all healthcare needs, from acute injuries to chronic illnesses. Primary care physicians can evaluate, diagnose, treat, prevent, and manage virtually any health concern, and for situations that require expertise beyond their range of care, they can refer patients to any number of specialists. It is important for everyone to have the ability to have their health needs met, and primary care is the most comprehensive approach to addressing these needs.

What is defined as primary care?

Primary care is defined as the health care provided by a medical professional, including treatments for illnesses, therapies for injuries, preventative health screenings, and prescriptions for medications. Primary care physicians work closely with each of their patients and act at the first point of contact in the healthcare system.

What Primary care services does Mesquite Medical Clinic provide? 

Mesquite Medical Clinic provides the following services:

⦁ Annual Health Exams — It is important to receive health exams on a regular basis and are typically recommended once a year.
⦁ Management of Long-Term Medical Conditions — Chronic health conditions come with many complications, so it is important to closely monitor the condition in order to properly manage it. Part of this management process is preventing the progression of the disease as well as monitoring the effects it has on other bodily systems.
⦁ Vaccinations — Several diseases have been eradicated thanks to vaccines, and the role they play in preventative care is vital.
⦁ Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Ailments and Injuries — Everyday injuries (like sprains, strains, cuts, burns) and illnesses (like flus, colds, pinkeye, strep throat) can be easily treated at a primary care clinic. Diagnosing and treating these afflictions helps the general populace better manage their health, enabling them with a better quality of life.
⦁ Screenings — Health screenings can check for several different diseases at once and play a significant role in preventative care. If a disease is detected in one of these screenings, additional tests are typically ordered to confirm the results.
⦁ Sports and Work Physicals — Before a child or adolescent can participate in sports, they are required to undergo a physical. This ensures that they are in good health and can safely take part in these activities. Similarly, work physicals are conducted to ensure the prospective or current employee’s level of fitness for the job.

When should I see a primary care physician?

Primary care physicians can provide care for a broad range of symptoms and conditions and can diagnose the cause of disease with great accuracy. If someone is experiencing new or unusual symptoms that cause concern, such as unexplained abdominal pain or a strange rash, they should promptly speak with their primary care physician. Otherwise, it is recommended to visit a primary care physician at least once a year for an annual physical exam. However, patients with one or more chronic diseases or those who are at a high risk of developing a certain condition should see their primary care physician more often; the frequency of these visits will be determined by the primary care physician.

What benefits do primary care physicians provide?

There are many benefits of seeing a primary care physician as they can address a diverse number of health concerns. Some benefits include:

⦁ A central point of contact
⦁ Continuity of care
⦁ Better preventative care
⦁ Save time down the line
⦁ Lowers health care costs
⦁ Higher level of satisfaction
⦁ Referrals to other specialists
⦁ Reduces hospital and ER visits

For primary care services that you can rely on, come to Mesquite Medical Clinic today. Our primary care clinic can help you address your health concerns and live a healthier life. Call us today to book an appointment with our primary care clinic, or visit us at 5115 N Galloway Ave #203, Mesquite, TX 75150. We serve patients from Mesquite TX, Garland TX, Dallas TX, Rowlett TX, Balch Springs TX, and Plano TX.

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