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Men’s Health

Men’s Health Clinic Questions and Answers

You are important, and so is your health! Maintain it and make sure you stay healthy and live longer by booking regular appointments with our Men’s Health specialists here at Mesquite Medical Clinic. For more information call us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 5115 N Galloway Ave #203 Mesquite TX 75150.

Men's Health Clinic Near Me in Mesquite, TX
Men's Health Clinic Near Me in Mesquite, TX

Table of Contents:

Why is men’s health important?
What Men’s Health services does Mesquite Medical Clinic provide?
What are some men’s health issues?
When should a man see a healthcare provider?

Men have different health needs than women, and in order to best meet these needs, certain clinics specifically focus on men’s health and addressing their complex needs. There are several conditions that only affect men, and there are also certain conditions that affect men much more often than they affect women. Men’s health clinics are a great way for the male population to manage their health concerns in an environment that is accepting and judgement-free.

Why is men’s health important?

Men’s health is important because men are more likely to develop certain diseases than women, including certain types of cancer (prostate, testicular, colorectal), heart disease, and certain sexually transmitted diseases. The conditions that commonly affect the male population can lead to other complications, such as mental health disorders, sexual dysfunction, and reproductive issues.

What Men’s Health services does Mesquite Medical Clinic provide?

Mesquite Medical Clinic provides the following men’s health services:

⦁ Men’s Screenings and Prevention
⦁ Cardiovascular Health
⦁ Erectile Dysfunction care

What are some men’s health issues?

Men’s health issues include:

⦁ Heart Disease — Men are more likely to develop heart disease, including the most common form of heart disease in the United States, coronary artery disease (CAD).
⦁ Lung Cancer and Other Lung Diseases — Lung cancer kills more men than any other type of cancer. Other lung diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are a major cause of disability in men.
⦁ Accidents — Injuries are a danger to everyone, but men are especially prone; men are twice as likely to have a traumatic brain injury and four times more likely to have a spinal cord injury than women are.
⦁ Skin Cancer — The most common cancer in the United States is skin cancer, and men are twice as likely as women to develop this disease.
⦁ Erectile Dysfunction — Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects an estimated 15 to 30 million men in the United States, and while it is a highly treatable condition, it can sometimes be a symptom of something more serious.
⦁ Diabetes and Obesity — Nearly 26 million adults in the US are affected by type 2 diabetes, including 1 in 10 men. In the United States, about a third of the adult population is obese, and this excess of body fat is strongly linked to type 2 diabetes.
⦁ Prostate Cancer — After skin cancer, the second most common cancer among men in the US is prostate cancer, affecting one in six men during his lifetime.

When should a man see a healthcare provider?

Generally, it is recommended that a healthy adult should see the doctor once a year, however certain risk factors—even in healthy individuals—necessitate more frequent visits, such as family history of disease, environmental exposure to toxins, and lifestyle factors. The most important thing to remember is that different people have different needs, so when one person should see a healthcare provider could be vastly different from the next person and must be established on an individual basis. Factors affecting this decision include:

⦁ Age — The rate of health problems increases with age, so men over the age of 40 often need to see the doctor more often.
⦁ Chronic Problems — Anyone with chronic medical problems, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, have to visit the doctor more often, at least once every six months (and in some cases every 3 months).
⦁ Family History — Men with a family history of disease are at higher risk and should see the doctor more frequently in order to monitor their health.

The men’s health clinic at Mesquite Medical Clinic can help you stay on top of your health. Our men’s health specialists are experienced at treating problems that commonly affect men and can help you improve your quality of life. Call us today to book an appointment at our men’s health clinic, or visit our office conveniently located at 5115 N Galloway Ave #203, Mesquite, TX 75150. We serve patients from Mesquite TX, Garland TX, Dallas TX, Rowlett TX, Balch Springs TX, and Plano TX.

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